When the words renovation and decoration come in your mind, take consideration of the comfort of living, the beauty of the property and most important is decoration indicates your personalities.

Decoration does not only mean to make outer look beautiful but it also shows how beautiful the thoughts and ideas are. A beautiful well decorated home or condo is the dream of everyone but when it comes to resources, every person makes their home decorations accordingly. The most important is getting the decoration done right and within the budget!

Furniture and curtains are very important accessories. They are reflection of the tastes and add meaning to the rooms. Our interior designers take lot of time to go through all the details before making the final choices.

“Furniture and curtains have become style statement and essential part of decoration in Pattaya property market!”

There are lots of designs, colors for the curtains and furniture. The latest trends in Pattaya market for curtains and furniture are changing all the time. Spend your time wisely while making the choices for your home decoration. Choosing the right styles for the property is a tricky business, choosing the curtain costume makers, furniture stores or costume made furniture factories is a very much important and it is quite complicated to find trustworthy ones that provide quality with reasonable prices, especially if you are foreigners or not locals, it seems you will need a lot of migraine tablets. You have to work on both studying your property and do a lot of research for who you are going to choose which is the most difficult part, before going for them.

But with TP Home Design and Real Estate’s services, you won’t have to worry of anything. We have experienced interior designers, furniture stores, costume made furniture factories, curtain factories and installation teams who have over 10 years of experience working in Pattaya real estate market. We know who we work with well, we work on time on western world standard. And we make sure you have your dream home decorated beautifully in your style and at your budget!   

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E-mail : info@pattayapropertymarket.com


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